Monday, March 16, 2009

What's up everybody. I know we don't use our blogspot much, but we will be using it WAYYYY more soon. We want to get in touch with as many fans as possible. Start following us on twitter! The World We Knew On Twitter!

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Anyways, onto the pictures! This is our studio picture blog. We started recording our new full-length CD on March 3rd in Milford, CT at Dexter's Laboratory Studios with engineer/producer/awesome dude/ Nick Bellmore (check out Nick's band, PHANTOMS!!!). The record sounds INCREDIBLE. It's 11 tracks with some special surprises at the end. Be on the lookout this week for an update on who's gonna be putting it out and where you can find it! Once again, onto the photos.

Some of the amps we used, notice the magic green box

Shane's drums mic'd up and ready to go

DOOOD, the kick sounds sw33t.

More mic'd up drums

I don't know if we can announce the album name or song titles yet so that's why you'll see some pictures like this!

R2D2 Backpack I found in a toystore. Buy it for me.

Photoshoot at Dexters Lab

That shit is DONE DAWWGGGG

It was beat Street Fighter II Turbo with Chun-Li, or play Pilotwings again.

STD's Come in cans kiddies

Weird dude we saw on the way to methods. Bad Picture.

Notes for mastering on a paper plate

We tagged up the wall at Dexter's Lab, it looks sweeeeet.



That's it for now everybody. Enjoy it. They'll be PLENTY more when we hit the road this summer. <3 - Ryan TWWK

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