Saturday, October 18, 2008


WOW! It's been awhile. We've been so busy on the road we haven't had almost any time to update this blog. We've been sleeping in the van, not having access to wireless internet, and straight up just being so busy that none of us have had the time to write and it sucks. We're currently in Raleigh, NC. We just played The Brewery and that shit was AWESOME.

Tour is coming along amazing right now. The Demonstration left us last week and we will miss those dudes, they were awesome to be on the road with and a seriously good band to be able to watch every night. Right now we're out with our buddies in Once Nothing and Rose Funeral and we couldn't be happier. Not too many crazy stories to date. This tour has been pretty mellow in terms of craziness. It's getting colder, it's getting darker earlier, and it's just been mellowing everyone out. Alf's been freestyle rapping almost 24 hours a day for two days straight though, that's pretty entertaining.

Anyway, onto the pictures!

Alf hard at work. I remember when we only had one shirt.

Me and the 2nd cutest dog EVER

Creepy door at a venue in Indiana where people were apparently killed in the 50's
Creepy cornfield at the same venue


Pittsburgh was niiiiiiiice

My Tofu Tempeh Hoagie from Mellow Mushroom!

Frank rocking Joeys vest, he looks better in it anyway.

Ed and I at Waffle House, our home away from the van

Our Green Anul Lizard buddy that Shane and Alf and I found at the 7 Venue

Kyle's Castle in Alabama. BEST SHOW EVER

Friday, October 3, 2008


Alf also likes to sleep with Frank. Fully clothed.

My delicious lunch at California Tortilla in Annapolis, MD.

The plethora of hot sauces at California Tortilla


Alf pulled his cock muscle the first day of tour. We had to wheel him around Torrington.

Alf later fell asleep while conducting orchestra, blindfolded.

Jeff is a good man and knowledgeable beverage shopper. Thanks Jeff.

TWWK Mega Backline in New Jersey

Wifeswap was on. I love that show.

Tim's newly acquired hot sauces for his collection

2 Sprites, 1 dollar. Thanks Double Trees.

Spartan Warrior Ryan James Curry I

Frank may still be small, but man, did he ever get old.

More beaches n shit

TWWK Loves animals. You have no idea.

This little dudes owner was old and hairier than Tim

Hotel room coffee. Luxurious.

Penthouse view at the Double Tree

Ed getting some butt meds

Our own babbling brook in CT


The ONLY thing Frank is good at

Beaches and shit

Spartan Warrior Edwin Francis Jelley III

Edge of the Delaware River

Ryan pointing at said river

Ed making a phone call by said river

Tourpass for the Once Nothing tour!